Inbound Route Guide

This guide has been developed for all domestic suppliers, vendors, and retailers who ship to WestPoint Home and it’s subsidiaries within the United States when WestPoint Home is expected to pay any portion of the freight charges. All noncompliance charges to include freight and handling will be charged back to the shipper. All detention charges will be the responsibility of the shipper.

General Instructions
  1. Do not split Purchase Orders.
  2. All PO’s shipping on the same day to the same location must be combined on a single BOL.
  3. All expedited shipments must be approved by WPH Logistics in advance.
  4. All Truck load shipments must include cartons, weight, cube, freight classification, and NMFC Item Number on the BOL.
  5. The carrier SCAC, BOL Number, and Purchase Order Number must be listed on the BOL.
  6. Call for delivery appointment prior to delivery. See page two for contact information.
  7. Failure to follow the WPH Routing Instructions will result in full freight and a $150 handling fee expense offset charged back to the shipper.
  8. Any vendor using their own carrier must ship prepaid. WPH will not accept prepaid and add.
Routing Instructions
  1. Shipments of 20 cartons or less and weighing less than 300 lbs ship Fed Ex Ground collect to the WPH FedEx account#. Contact WPH Logistics for the account number of the specific consignee location.
  2. Shipments less than 7,000 lbs, 1050 cubic or 18 linear feet please ship via XPOLogistics LTL division (formally Con-Way)- freight collect.
  3. Shipments over 7,000 lbs, 1050 cubic feet, or exceeds 18 linear feet of a trailer is considered a volume shipment and must be routed by Landstar Global Logistics. Contact information listed below.
BOL instructions
  1. Mark all BOLs with freight terms “Collect.” DO NOT add a billing address to the BOL.
  2. All BOLs must be accurate. Weight, dims, freight terms, product descriptions and freight class must all be accurate to ensure WPH is correctly billed for inbound freight.
  3. Incorrect BOLs will result in a $150 charge per BOL.
Contact Info for WPH Logistics
  1. Fed-Ex and Expedited Shipments contact Erin Armbrister at 864-653-2812,

  2. Volume shipment options:
  1. Alternate Volume carriers available by contacting Nancy Burchfield.

Contact Info for Ship-to Locations

Ship-to Location Contact Phone#
Chipley, FL Kyle Bush
Carolyn Andrews
Debra Fowler
All other Locations Nancy Burchfield 864-653-2946

Last Update: June 26, 2017

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