Martex Commercial Towel Sets



Martex Commercial Towel Sets
From Martex, one of the oldest and most trusted names in bath products, comes the Martex Commercial Towel.  Constructed with loops of 100% cotton, the Martex Commercial Towel is highly absorbent and durable.  Ideal for a variety of uses, such as your home, the gym, salons and spas, summer camp and beds and breakfasts. The bath set includes 6 bath towels, the hand set includes 12 hand towels, and the wash cloth set includes 24 wash cloths.

Wash Cloth: 13"W x 13"L
Hand Towel: 16"W x 30"L
Bath Towel: 30"W x 52"L

100% Cotton; Machine Washable
Internationally renowned for excellence in design, quality, and accessibility for 101 years and counting, legendary brand Martex is one of the oldest and most trusted names in core bed and bath linens. With multiple tiers including Martex Atlelier, Martex RX, and Martex Bare Necessities under its umbrella, Martex boasts an incredibly wide appeal and the highest standards as it embarks on its second century.